The GREEN TECH mindset

GURPEA GREEN TECH grew from a vocation for technology combined with an environmental conscience and focuses its business line on the potential of the gases present in the atmosphere and water. Unlimited, “clean” natural resources with a long technological history of use and exploitation, which it draws on to develop manufacturing and compression solutions for gases like OXYGEN, NITROGEN and HIDROGEN.




  • Use of unlimited, clean resources: gases that are in the air and in water.

  • Reduction of emissions as an alternative to the chemical generation of gases.

  • Reduction of the carbon footprint in the supply chain (less logistics).

  • Zero impact on the environment in the process.

  • We favour decarbonisation, favouring the use of H2.
  • We contribute to SDGs 12 and 13.

  • Backed by 20 years’ experience in the execution of automation engineering projects.

  • Own manufacture.

  • Personalised design.

  • Technologies I4.0

  • State-of-the-art

A Gurpea Group company

The backing of a string of technology companies, specialised in the execution of industrial automation and maintenance engineering projects, allows us to offer competitive solutions that stand out.

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Why choose us?

GURPEA GREEN TECH develops and manufactures customised engineering solutions, with the backing of know-how acquired in different sectors of the industry, and offering state-of-the-art technologies and services all from a single supplier. Factors that make it stand out as the most competitive option in the market.

Boosters manufactured in-house

Quality, durability and low preventive maintenance cost.

24-hour Call Centre Service

24-hour Technical Support Service. Our wide network of specialist technicians will travel out from our various branches and deal with emergencies 24/7.

Know how

Backed by Gurpea’s 19 years of experience in industrial engineering and maintenance projects, executed to specifications and for different sectors.

Plant management with proprietary software and from remote

Continuous measurement and control, latest technology, Gurpea’s experience.

Multi-sector, customised application

Purchase, rental, the compressor only or the complete plant.

Reliability and commitment

Full service from a single supplier, simplifying coordination and ensuring success and on-time delivery.

A qualified team

The GURPEA GREEN TECH team is made up of people with a wealth of experience in the gas sector and with a high level of qualification acquired in engineering projects. Their support throughout the process, from the defining of needs through to implementation, will prove to be the key to success.

Joseba Lafuente

Project Manager

Fernando Salinas

Head of production and integration

Work with us

The company’s human capital is our main asset. People are what make the quality of GURPEA GREEN TECH’s projects and services indisputable. We are renowned in the sector for our highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, which we train and, of course, look after.

If you want to join GURPEA GREEN TECH why not send us your CV and we will consider it in our staff selection processes at the company.